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Smart Checkout

Smart Checkout delivers a new level of quality and efficiency of personalized communication with shoppers in-store.

Smart Checkout is innovational customers’ in-store communication channel utilizing to promote your brands and services. The system provides unique means to influence the consumer’s purchase behavior in sale point. It allows stimulate trial and repeat purchases, switch the customer from competitors’ products, lifts the brand loyalty, and determine the consumer preferences

Smart Checkout analyses the shopper’s basket composition, loyalty card and payment method. On this data Smart Checkout identifies the target audience of the customer and relevant offer for him to convey

Smart Checkout equipment is installed on a retailer cash desk to print automatically the colored coupons for a shopper during purchase payment

Each coupon is printed under unique code in the system  

When activated (getting discount or registration on web/sms-service), coupons cancel in the system and cannot be re-used or copied  

When activated (getting discount or registration on web/sms-service), coupons cancel in the system and cannot be re-used or copied

Smart Checkout similar systems of targeted coupon promotions in stores, work successfully abroad for more than 20 years. In 1983, Catalina Marketing Company developed and began implementing Checkout Coupon networks in USA retail chains. New marketing solution allowed retailers, manufactories and services produces to interact with a clearly defined target audience. First Catalina Marketing coupons had a considerable impact on consumer’s purchase behavior and demonstrated high commercial effect In 1991, 780 million of coupons were printed in 4 200 supermarkets.

By 1996, Catalina Marketing reached 10 400 leading stores, such as A&P/Farmer Jack, Kroger, Meijer и Winn-Dixie and more than 136 million of shoppers were engaged in coupon promotions weekly

Manufactures highly estimated the impact and potential of Catalina Marketing personalized coupons. Coca-Cola, General Mills, Hershey, Kraft, Nabisco, Nestle, Pillsbury, Quaker Oats, Tropicana and other world’s leading brands became Catalina Marketing clients by 1996. Personalized advertising boosts over $1B in worldwide brands (such as PepsiCo and Unilever) revenue annually
Today Catalina Marketing network influences the purchasing of 75% of USA retail consumers through more than 50 000 grocery and drug stores what makes nearly 280 million shoppers. Catalina Marketing clients include more than 80% of TOP-100 FMCG manufactures. According to their estimation, the exposure rate to target consumer in-store is 6 times higher using the Smart Checkout-like systems if compared to standard marketing communication methods.

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