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Business on Loyalty, or Smart Checkout Success Story

The Smart Checkout project began with attempts to change the game and make the promotions to be aimed only at those who are really interested in them

The story began in 2009 when the Smart Checkout project manager, Alexander Shurov came to the store for sausage. Imagine his surprise when he got a discount coupon for … diapers! At that moment Alexander thought that it would be great to make promotions aimed only at those who were really interested in them.

So, in 2009 the Smart Checkout project was created. The company developed a system analyzing customers by check and loyalty cards. It works as follows: specific software is installed at the store checkouts. In the moment of payment system determines immediately the customers’ preferences and "issues" a discount coupon with the sales slip. The experience indicated the increase in sales of promoted goods at an average of 30%.

Negotiations with the potential partners-retailers started in 2010, even before the official start of Smart Checkout. However, retailers didn’t rush into implementing the innovation. Why change anything, if all was well with the sales...

The “Magnit” retail chain became the first Smart Checkout partner by the time of its start in 2010. And after successful testing, the system was installed in “Victoria” and “Monetka” retail chains. Smart Checkout currently hascontinuing contracts with Baltika, CocaCola, JTI, Dymov and other companies and provides 4 million customers exposure per month.

The potential of a system is worth $50 million. The primary goal is to assure the business sharks to implement the innovations!

It is possible to create a new playing field even in the mature retail market.